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Humour may be fundamental to human experience, but its expression in painting and sculpture has been limited. In the past, a sense of humour has been widely present throughout artworks including the Dutch and Flemish Renaissance painting, caricatures, biting English satires, and 20th-century comics. The humour of classical modernism records the gradual disappearance of old orders and transforms them into a positive through laughter, or celebrates it as something entirely new, as a reformation of tradition. Welcome to Oceanic Soiree’s crazy, funny, thoughtful artistic world.
Adelaide based artist and photographer, Elizabeth Solich, has been honing her skills in underwater photography for the past seven years. She has dived extensively throughout South Australia and her favourite dive sites include Port Hughes, Edithburgh and Rapid Bay jetties. Solich has also dived in the Philippines, Fiji and Indonesia and makes regular tips to Amed and Tulamben. Originally an architecture student, Solich blended her photography skills and underwater observations of the fauna and flora with her drawing and painting experience, bringing about a perfect marriage of her two passions. Elizabeth’s evolution into underwater photography allowed her to introduce another element to this union and extend the range of her talent even further. Her observations of marine fauna and flora allows Elizabeth to challenge boundaries, capturing the underwater world utilising environmentally aware story telling in the exploration of movement and composition. Elizabeth shares her passion for everything underwater with the world. Through her artwork she expresses her never ending admiration for the weird and wonderful underwater creations of nature. Her works have been displayed at various exhibitions in Australia and overseas.

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Commissions welcome. If you would like to capture the presence and personality of your favourite marine subject, I can paint it for you from photographs. Please submit at least 3 images for me to choose from unless you particularly want a special photograph used. Photos must not be under copyright. Preferably the image has been captured by you. Size of image must be at least 1 MB. Price minimum is $400 and depending on the level of detail to capture. Maximum painting size is 45 cm x 60 cm however, my preference is 30.5cm x 40.5cm. Larger portraits or special requests considered for a negotiated price.

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Welcome to the Oceanic Soiree Studio, and be introduced to the Australian artist Elizabeth Solich. Each of Solich’s artwork is an environmental statement addressing the vulnerability of our precious oceanic ecosystems. Rendered using oil paint, and recycled plastic products, this talented artist makes us vigilant about the potential hazards for the vibrant underwater habitat that is bursting with life. Her enthusiasm for art and life and her care for our marine friends is inspiring to others, and each of her artworks has so much care shown in it. Welcome to the online shop and enjoy the experience.
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